From here we are going to see the options that you have at the time of reserving a cruise so that you get it right when choosing a cruise both the shipping company and the size of the ship or the itinerary.

Is it a good option to travel by cruise?

When it comes to cruise travel you’ve heard all kinds of versions of what a cruise is. Many believe that cruise travel is not their choice of trip and everyone gives their reason. It could be because they are afraid of getting dizzy or because the ship does not spend enough time in the port for example.

Faced with these doubts the important thing is to know which cruise to choose. Not all cruises are the ideal type of holiday for everyone, but I am sure that there are cruises for all types of holidays.

We will discover in the following articles tips to choose the cruise and to enjoy it as much as possible.

Many doubts arise around the immense offer of cruises existing at present. Not only the different cruise companies and their multiple itineraries around the world, but also how to make the reservation for example.

To try to clarify some of the doubts and above all help you choose the best option to make your cruise reservation in the best possible way you have to take into account the tips for cruises and how to choose a cruise.

Cruise ships and cruisers

Are you a cruiser?

Perhaps, you have already made your first cruise and with this mini guide you will get a little more into the world of the so-called “cruisers”.

Whether you are a cruise ship or if it is the first time you seek to make your holidays on cruise I hope these lines will serve as inspiration and find your ideal cruise.

What kind of cruise is there?

Maritime or river cruises

Choosing a cruise ship according to the waters it navigates is one of the essential differences when booking a cruise.

It is not the same to choose a maritime cruise as a river cruise. Discover the differences here on the side, click on the image.

Depending on the type of cruise ship.

There are all sizes of cruise ships. From mega cruise ships that are floating cities to cruise ships with less than two hundred passengers.

Choosing the size of the cruise ship will be one of the essentials when it comes to having a good experience on board. Choose according to your tastes.

According to the “stars” or “anchors” of the cruise ship or the service it provides.

Among the tips for choosing a cruise are the choice of the category of the boat or what is the same the quality of it. Both in terms of seniority and the services provided on board.

In cruises there are also categories of boats of more economic to luxury or extra luxury. Find out what they are, click on the image to the side.

According to the itinerary you do.

Of course, a cruise itinerary in the eastern Mediterranean is not the same as a cruise itinerary in the western Mediterranean. Nor do you choose a cruise through the Norwegian fjords or reach the Northern Cape of Norway.

There are many types of itineraries, some calling at small ports and others at large cruise ports. Others make the call of a few hours and others even spend the night in the port.

It is important to know which is the ideal itinerary for you, and above all to see all the possibilities offered by the cruise companies.

Main maritime cruise companies and river cruise companies.

There are many shipping companies that have a great supply of both cruise ships and itineraries around the world throughout the year.

Shortly I will show you which are the main shipping companies and how they differ. So when you choose your cruise you know what to expect from such a cruise.

Characteristics of a cruise ship to take into account.

Given the enormous variety of cruise ships it is very likely that you will have doubts about which ship to choose. How to choose the cruise ship that best suits you? Some tips for cruisers is to see the characteristics that the boat has. That way you will be able to choose between several cruise options.

How to choose the cruise ship?

We have already seen which cruise companies there are, which characteristics differentiate each one, which waters they navigate and which types of cruise ships they have. In addition to this, you have to take into account other factors to know what services offer on board to be able to choose your cruise and book cruise successfully.

Soon we will publish more information on how to choose your cruise. If you want us to let you know when our articles come out, subscribe to Surcar el Mundo.

What luggage to take on a cruise?

There are types of luggage or suitcases for all tastes and uses. Which one to choose for your cruise?

Not all luggage is practical for all trips. When travelling on a cruise you must also take this into account. Click on the image next to it and find out which suitcase to take to your cruise.