River cruises

River cruise in Russia is an ideal type of recreation and a great way to visit many cities. Just buy a river cruise, climb the deck of a cruise ship and the adventure starts immediately! After all, a cruise ship is both a means of transportation and a place of rest. And where else to feel, as “my native country is wide”, if not on a deck of the ship slowly cutting through a water surface?

The advantages of such a trip are obvious

In front of you, as in a magical performance, will be swimming charming small villages and, as you approach the next berth, the panorama of the cities will unfold.
River cruise is a great opportunity to escape from the measured everyday life and relieve the accumulated tension and stress.

You can go on such a trip alone or with friends. And if you want to buy a river cruise for the whole family, you can show children where the events of school “geography” and “history” took place. You will never be bored during the cruise, because every day in the new port you will be waiting for new excursions and impressions, and every evening – a great entertainment program!

What river cruise should I choose?

Cruises from St. Petersburg along the North-West

Among the “short” river cruises from St. Petersburg are very popular weekend cruises to Valaam. You can buy a one-day tour to Valaam on the meteor and in one day to see the harsh beauty of these northern islands, and the ancient temples and sketes of Valaam elders. Or go on a river cruise from St. Petersburg on the route Valaam – Kizhi – Petrozavodsk for 6 days.

Cruises from St. Petersburg to Moscow for 7 days will also give you the opportunity to see the pearl of Russian architecture – Kizhi, as well as the village of Mandrogi with its unique craft workshops, the picturesque town of Goritsa, where is located Kirillo-Belozersky monastery and the ancient Russian cities of Yaroslavl and Uglich.

Cruises from St. Petersburg along the Volga can last from 11 to 26 days. The ancient Russian cities of Yaroslavl and Kostroma, Myshkin and Uglich, Vytegra and Nizhny Novgorod are situated on the banks of this river. And if you buy a river cruise from St. Petersburg to Astrakhan, then visit Saratov, Kazan, Samara, Cheboksary and Volgograd!

Which ship to choose?

Modern motor ships differ from each other in capacity and quality of interior decoration. The more decks there are – the more and more diverse entertainment on board, because the cruise ship is a beautiful restaurants and bars, and discos, and a quality animation program.

As for the choice of cabins, in the cabins on the upper decks, located closer to the bow, the level of vibration and noise will be lower, therefore, the comfort of living and the price is higher. But in the lower deck cabins, located closer to the water, not so much heat is felt in hot sunny weather, and they have the most affordable price.

What does the cost of a river cruise depend on? How to save money?

The cost of the cruise depends on its duration and season – the period from the end of June to the 20th of August is the most expensive. But the main thing is the level of comfort of the ship and the cabin.

If you buy a cruise in advance, you can get a discount on early booking, and those who buy tours several times, get a “discount from a regular customer”.

Expensive cruises can be purchased in installments (the minimum initial payment of the ticket is -35% of the cost), and for several categories of citizens discounts from 5% to 15%.

Where and how to buy a cruise tour?

Our company offers a full list of Russian cruise routes at the prices of tour operators. Full information about the duration, routes and cost of river cruises from St. Petersburg can be obtained on our website.

They will give qualified advice on the choice of the ship and cabin, depending on personal preferences, the number and age of travelers. You can pay for a river cruise from St. Petersburg in the office of Tari Tour, or by using the payment system.

Do you want to rest well? Remember – comfortable boats with a high level of service, comfortable cabins, three meals a day, interesting and informative excursions and a quality entertainment program on board waiting for you!