One of the main phenomena of today in digital terms is the use of Instagram for companies in different segments, which are present in the network to increase the strength of their brands.

There are several social networks focused on images such as Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, to mention a few examples. And as with other social networks, you can also use them for your marketing strategies.

You just have to understand the particularities of each one. And as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, the content you put in them has to be as good as in any other format.

In case your products are attractive from an aesthetic point of view, creating a profile in one of these networks can be of great advantage.

If you work in fashion, for example, having a profile on Instagram can be very useful to spread your name and style.

Also, design and architecture campaigns can benefit from these sites.

Today, Instagram is without a doubt the social network with the most investment potential today, as the network is growing at an impressive 23% per year, more than double the growth rate of other social networks.

Its advantages are immense: it is extremely easy to use and the number of people you can reach through it is incredible.

Keep in mind that the average age of users is 18 to 29 years old who have access to smartphones.

Also, having a profile of your business or company on Instagram is very easy. Just create an account. However, making your profile a success is what will make the difference on this social network.

How to create a profile on Instagram for Companies?

Let’s start with the basics: how to create your account? You can do it from your computer or from your mobile phone.

But remember, even though you can access your Instagram account from your computer, you only have full access to upload your photos, videos, or stories from your mobile phone.

Instagram now allows you to use your account from your computer to upload photos, view your feed, give like or comment on other photos, but naturally, it is a social network that was created for the mobile.

Let’s take a step-by-step approach to creating your mobile profile:

Download the application and register to open an account;
Choose a username that objectively represents your business – if you find a user with the same name as your company available, choose that option;
Add a profile picture, a biography including the link to your website and communicate with the audience according to your brand tone.

Why is Instagram useful for businesses?

According to Instagram Business data, the social network has over 800 million active users worldwide and 80% of those users follow a company.

The data also states that any company – be it established brands or small businesses – can get results through Instagram.

It’s no coincidence that the network has more than 25 million business profiles worldwide. The number is a good reflection that something is going right with an active profile on Instagram, wouldn’t you agree?

But how do you get results and have a successful profile on the social network? If you already have a company or are about to start a business, and are not yet present on social networks, consider showing your work in a creative and visual way.

What are the differences between a personal profile and a company profile?

Whether it’s a personal profile or a business profile, Instagram is the niche that brings together images of users’ hobbies and passions.

We see a lot of pictures every day of what the people we follow like to do. So if you decide to show your work on that network you must reflect the passion you have in your work through the images.

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