There is a great diversity of types of cruises. Therefore, when someone tells me that it is a type of trip that does not convince him I wonder if he really knows everything he can offer to provide for his vacation.

For this reason I thought that classifying the great variety of types of cruises according to different aspects can be of great help to those who have already done some but, above all, to those who do not contemplate this option as a possibility when deciding a destination.

Types of cruises according to destination


One of the advantages of a Mediterranean cruise is the proximity, which allows us not to have to take long flights and even depart from Barcelona, Tarragona or Valencia, without having to invest money and time in the plane.

There is a wide variety of offer, from the classics in the Greek Islands or those that pass through places as emblematic as Venice or Rome, to those that run along the coast of Croatia.

They are also routes where the interest is not only vacation, but port calls are in cities with great cultural attractions, which allows you to combine relaxation and also know a new destination.

Norwegian fjords and Baltic capitals

Northern Europe offers some of the most spectacular cruises, away from traditional itineraries. In the case of the Norwegian fjords, cruises with a scenic interest, given that the navigation is more coastal and take us to the towns and cities located in the interior of some of the fjords.

And with the advantage of not having to unpack, while visiting the country by land means many kilometres changing hotels every day.

Caribbean and South America

One of the cruise zones par excellence: the Virgin Islands, Margarita Island, Santo Domingo, Bahamas, Puerto Rico… in many occasions with exit from Miami and that allows to sail by some of the most beautiful waters of the world.

South America

In this continent the cruises by the Coast of Chile and the Patagonia stand out. Ships of the companies Australis and Skorpios, all of them of smaller size, expeditionary or scientific style, that allow to approach to this land of fire and ice and to a unique and spectacular landscape. Other options will allow us to visit the coast of Brazil and reach Argentina with the boats that make the Atlantic crossing in autumn.

Fluvial Cruises

Another type of cruise, with the same spirit but very different are the river cruises on rivers such as the Rhine or the Danube.

River cruise on the Nile

The exotic part of the world of fluvial cruises is provided by Egypt, offering the option of getting to know its millenary culture on board of some of the ships that cross the most emblematic river in the world: Gizeh, Abu Simbel, Luxor, etc.

Alaska and Canada

The coasts of Canada and Alaska bring the visitor closer to an almost untouched nature, ancestral cultures and unforgettable landscapes. It is considered the best scenic cruise in the world, since much of the navigation is done by the so-called Inner Passage, and also allows access to impressive glaciers such as Glacier Bay National Park, Tracy Arm or Hubbard Glacier.


One of the most emblematic destinations for travellers. The possibility of boarding a boat in Patagonia and approaching the frozen continent as a scientist is an unrepeatable experience.


The southern continent has in its catalogue places such as the Australian coast, New Zealand or Tasmania and the islands of the South Pacific.

Middle East

The destinations of the East are beginning to stand out among those preferred by cruisers. Among them are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Bahrain. A route that facilitates to be able to visit all this zone of the Arab Emirates in a single trip and with the comfort of a cruise.

Around the world

And above all types of cruises is the star of travel: around the world. Within reach of a lucky few, those who return from this adventure leave us with open mouth with their experiences.

Cruise companies

There are a lot of cruise companies that offer their services. Among the most common would stand out:

Coast Cruises

Italian company, world leader in its sector with more than 60 years of activity. Its fleet is the largest and most modern in Europe, with a total of 14 boats in service and 1 more in project, each with different characteristics and unique styles.

Royal Caribbean

Founded in 1968 by three Norwegian companies, it has 25 boats at its service, and several under construction. The latest ships to join Royal Caribbean are the Quantum of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas.

And the important novelty for this spring of 2018 is the boat Symphony of the Seas, which will sail a single season in the Mediterranean, starting from Barcelona.


One of the world’s largest companies with destinations around the globe: Europe, South America, South Africa, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Seasonal itineraries cover Northern Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, Cuba and the French Antilles, South America, Southern Africa, China and Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sir Bani Yas. It has 13 boats that sail all over the oceans.


With more than 40 years offering its services, this Spanish group has been part of Royal Caribbean since 2006. Its daily capacity is 12,000 passengers on its five ships.

Other companies

There are many more companies that offer more specialized cruises, luxury or themed cruises. I recommend that you put yourself in the hands of a travel agent for more information.

Cruise companies can be grouped into five types, depending on the type of service they offer.

Types of cruises according to the time of year

Summer Cruises

As is logical the summer is the high season of cruises for Europeans, especially in the Mediterranean or in northern Europe.

Autumn cruises

It is still a good season for Eastern Mediterranean cruises as the climate is mild, prices are cheaper and there is usually an option for mini-cruises. But in the months of October and November, the transatlantic crossings that allow companies to locate their ships in the Caribbean and South America stand out.

Winter cruises

Winter is an excellent time to take some of the Southern Hemisphere cruises. From the Antarctic voyages, sail through Chilean and Argentine Patagonia or discover the furthest continent, Oceania and the South Pacific Islands.

Spring Cruises

Between March and June the Mediterranean cruise season begins and companies offer special routes and mini-cruises at very good prices.

Cruises according to the type of client

Single Cruises

Singles are looking for specific types of cruises in which the activities organized on board allow them to disconnect from work, establish social relationships, in a framework of tranquillity and comfort.

Cruises with children

Families with children have an excellent option on cruise ships to spend a few days of holidays in close contact with their children, without having to worry about cooking, household chores or continuously organizing activities for them. This type of cruise offers a catalogue of activities for all ages, so that parents really enjoy the holiday break.

Couples and Honeymoon Cruises

If you are looking for a romantic holiday, cruises are an excellent option. All the companies have offers for you in a lot of destinations.

Cruises with young people

One of the problems that we parents with teenage children have is to design plans that satisfy the quinceañeros. Many of the proposals include specific events for young people among their proposals. A relief for us and a break for them.

Types of cruises according to price


These types of cruises offer experiences that are nothing short of five-star hotels. Today, shipping companies have provided ships with all kinds of comforts, whether in cabins, services or in the gastronomic field. In addition to this luxury, there is the great advantage of travelling around the world without having to pack and unpack.


Many people believe that all cruises are prohibitively priced. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are different types of cruises for every pocket. If you are forward-thinking, book in advance and get advice from an expert who knows the best deals, you can be sure that somewhere in the world a unique experience awaits you for a more than reasonable price.

Also remember that a cruise always includes full board, shows and free activities that avoid many additional expenses that you would have in a stay in a normal hotel on the coast.


The big companies are continuously taking out offers and promotions to fill their boats. From “two for one” to “children travel for free”. You should also know how to distinguish between “full board” (which usually includes basic meals and drinks) and “all-inclusive” (when practically the whole menu and all drinks are included in the ticket price).

Types of cruises by duration


A perfect choice for those considering a short getaway. It lasts between two and five days. Highly recommended for those who have a few days, but want to disconnect, as well as for those who would like to try for the first time the experience of doing a cruise.


They are the most common, lasting eight days, seven nights.

Long duration

They are more specific cruises, to more special destinations. This type of cruise usually lasts from nine to 18 days, depending on the itinerary.

Around the world

I’ve mentioned this kind of cruise before. Each company has different programs to carry it out but, to give you an idea, they are usually around 120 days. Normally they also allow you to book by tranches, being able to do cruises of only one month.

Types of cabin categories

The classification of cruises by cabin category is not clear. There is a trend towards hotel-style management, using anchors instead of stars, but the lack of unified regulations at the international level makes it unreliable. Each company uses its own criteria in this matter, so it is not homogeneous.

Yes, we can classify cabins with characteristics that occur in most ships. That is how we would have it:

Interior cabins

They are the most economical, are on the inside of the corridors, and do not have windows. The normal thing is that they have the rest of comforts.

Outside cabins

As it is easy to deduce are those that offer a window or an eye of ox. This provides natural light and good views that you can enjoy while sailing or arriving at one of the destinations of your trip. You should know that they cannot be opened to prevent water from entering.

Cabins with balcony

Unlike the previous ones they have an exit to the outside with a small terrace. Highly recommended if you like breakfast outdoors or enjoy an intimate dinner with privileged views of the sea.


It is usually the type of cabin of maximum category of boats (some companies have some even superior). Depending on the company this type of accommodation offers full bath with hydromassage, private swimming pool, living room or a personal butler, among many other comforts.